My name is Can. I’m a Turkish guy, living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
I started development in my high school years. Since then, I’m enjoying development and creating products.

I used variety of programming languages such as Fortran(yes, unfortunately), Pascal, Delphi.NET, C#, Python and Java. Mobile development became a love for me at the end of my university years. After graduation, in 2013, I met a great mentor, Emrecan Dogan and joined his startup ScoreBeyond as an Android Software Engineer Intern. I’m really grateful for this opportunity. I learned the dynamics of startups and developing products.

One year later, with my friends Gokhan Gultekin and Burak Beceren, we decided to create our own mobile application development agency. And we founded Peakode. It was a risky decision but we had great energy and motivation to do it. We ran the company until the end of 2017. Worked on great products and met with amazing people. But after four years, things didn’t went well financially and we closed the company. It was very tough decision to take. But I’m truly grateful for all these years.

In 2018, I joined to a young and ambitious startup that called Jibble. I was the second mobile engineer of the team. Goal was to create best Time Tracking, Attendance and Timesheets app. And we created a great product. That was also my first experience to work with a fully remote team. It’s been amazing three years.

In 2021, me and my wife decided to live in Europe. Amsterdam was very attractive to live so we made the decision. I joined Backbase. Their motivated culture and fast growing pace really attracted me and I’m happy to be part of it. Looking for new accomplishments here.

Twitter: @canuludag