Tired of coding all day? Go into the wild!

Sometimes we have long coding marathons. Dealing with bugs in the projects and coding for hours can be very painful if you repeat it every week. Sometimes you have to get up from your chair and leave your MacBook behind. But sitting on a couch, sleeping in bed or going for a movie is not always a good way of relaxation. I think the most suitable relaxation method for human body is to go nature. Avoiding the technology for a while as possible as you can.

As I mentioned before on my Instagram page, here at Peakode we really love bikes. Especially the mountain bikes. So, last monday we did something different than the usual. Instead of starting a new work week, going into meetings, coding and sketching, we went to mountains. With bikes! We rode lots of kilometers. Drank from the purest water of mountain. Feel the wind while driving our bikes at 55 km/h.

I can honestly say that this was a great experience. Thinking only about the road and green creatures(trees) around was the ultimate relaxation for engineers like us.

My journey started from my home and met with my friend and partner at Peakode(Gökhan) at a certain location and went to the mountain with a little help of the ropeway. This mountain is called Uludağ. Same as my lastname. Also this mountain is the inspiration for our company’s foundation and birthname.

I recommend this kind of escape from the coding marathon to all developers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

This post was originally published on Medium before: https://medium.com/@uludagcan/tired-of-coding-all-day-go-into-the-wild-c404953c3e38

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