Recap: Year 2020

Almost everyone have something to talk about 2020. What a year! It’s definitely a year that we will tell to our children and grandchildren as bed time stories. But this won’t be a story of how the Covid-19 shake the world. Rather it will be short summary of important events in my life this year.…More

Another Navigation in Android Multi Module Architecture

At Jibble, we moved to a multi module architecture. Alongside with that, we have Kotlin Multiplatform that powers our core business logic and gives us a shared code between Android and iOS. It’s a monorepo project and we only use Kotlin Native for pure business logic code. Everything else related with iOS and Android is being handled on native side.…More

Kotlin Preconditions in API Design

When designing your API/SDK functions in Kotlin, there are some useful functions that called Preconditions. Those functions can help you to ensure your functions are used in proper way. You can always define what are the requirements of your function in documentation. But Preconditions can prevent false use of the functions even if developer doesn’t care…More

Observable(LiveData/Rx) Bind Extensions

Often times I find myself observing simple values from LiveData or Rx observables and setting them to view items like TextViews or EditTexts. Or setting visibility of a Button or TextView. Well, it looks ugly to me. We can do it more readable. RxSwift has bind() function to simply do this operation. In order to achieve something…More

Eight Docuseries I Liked in 2019

I know 2019 haven’t end yet. But if something new pops out for me, I think I can update this list quickly. I like watching docuseries on different topics. And mostly all of them in very different categories. The list that I write below is mostly a combination of Netflix docuseries (well, almost all of…More

Remote Work: Home or Co-Working Space

I’ve been working remotely as a Senior Android Engineer for more than a year. I should admit that it’s a wonderful opportunity. Eliminating commuting time and stress, creating your own schedule(well, I’m definitely not talking about sleeping by day and being a night owl), allocating more time to your wife and your parents and being…More

Tired of coding all day? Go into the wild!

Sometimes we have long coding marathons. Dealing with bugs in the projects and coding for hours can be very painful if you repeat it every week. Sometimes you have to get up from your chair and leave your MacBook behind. But sitting on a couch, sleeping in bed or going for a movie is not…More